All  scripts here, except for ‘Truth or Consequences’ are available for option, purchase and production.

Full Length Features:

Playing the Game: Log Line: A domestic militia group hires an Irish arms dealer to smuggle a suitcase nuclear weapon into the United States.

Synopsis Jerry Dunaway normally hires out to train domestic terrorists in the making and use of small bombs, but is approached to transport a suitcase nuke from Europe. However, the FBI is watching him, so he contacts another small time arms dealer, Nick, and hires him to complete two jobs. Nick has also been hired to find a teenager, Trent, who is being hidden in Switzerland by his wealthy father from prosecution. He decides to do both jobs simultaneously and use the teenager as his unsuspecting mule.
Nick finds Trent in Switzerland and entices him, so he thinks, into helping for a ticket home. Trent is a very savvy young man and realizes he has very similar facial and body features as Nick and plays along up to a point where they get the suitcase and cash and then he kills Nick, takes on his identity and cons another ex-pat, Angel Dust, in Switzerland takes with him carrying the suitcase. Angel Dust is left behind as Trent boards a different flight and Angel Dust summarily turns the suitcase over to Swiss authorities and helps the FBI find Trent and all of the persons involved in the smuggling attempt.

Cast the First StoneLog Line: An arrogant and difficult older man evolves during a long, hot summer in the South of France with his family as he experiences life and soul changing challenges.

Synopsis: Bradley Lapunt is an accomplished man, a retired Harvard Professor and author of many best selling books. He has the arrogance and ego to match these accomplishments and he has not evolved. His wife, Marilyn, tired of his belligerence and hubris, desperately wants a diviorce, but needs a cause of action that will leave her with the bulk of the estate. She is also pursuing her doctorate degree and is cheating with her academic adviser. Their son, Philip, 22, is an aspiring professional cyclist with a contract to ride for a French based team. To begin winning at this level of the sport, Philip agrees to participate in the team sanctioned doping regimen. His own hate for his father grows as Bradley intrudes into Philips racing life, very nearly discovering the systematic doping. Philip bans him from all races with the help of the team management.

To cure the boredom one afternoon, Bradley innocently discovers a nude beach near the rental house they have for the summer. His interest grows into an odd obsession. Marilyn observes his behavior and projects that Bradley is committing some sort of crime. Philip goes along with her theory and collects bits of information about Bradley’s behavior he sees as nefarious. An investigation is launched.

Bradley is ultimately exonerated, but the damage is done to his reputation and ego. He slowly realizes his own arrogance has made him an easy target. He divorces Marilyn. Philip is ultimately fired from his contract when his team is caught doping, and with Bradley’s financial assistance returns to the United States with his mother, adamant to his father there will no more doping. Upon his return, he immediately sets out to find another team and a new source of performance enhancing drugs. The deception continues.

Short Scripts 10-15 minutes

Title: Nathan Becomes a Zombie

I adapted one of my short stories to a screen play.  It is about 15 minutes in length.

Nathan is a narcissistic male model who is lead to believe (by his equally narcissistic model girl friend) he could become a successful novelist of Young Adult fantasy novels on his first try, so he decides to write a novel about becoming a zombie.  He remembers from his one writing class one writes best that which one knows best, or something pompous like that.  He decides to actually become a zombie, but upon some scrutiny decides he does not want to be permanently scarred with the drugs,  He decides his one time best friend, Ethan, a transvestite (who really hates Nathan and wants to kill him), knows how to apply make up and could make him look like a zombie.  Ethan agrees, and secretly sets up a hidden camera.  He tells Nathan to strip, and films the process of making up naked Nathan as a zombie.  Nathan dresses and goes out on the town to get reaction from people on the street and Ethan posts the video on the internet to humiliate him.  Nathan returns to have the make up removed, and Ethan blindfolds him, then holds a bottle of sulfuric acid up to the camera and is about to suffocate and kill Nathan with the acid.  Sammy the Samoan, who has been secretly operating the camera, comes out of hiding and hits Ethan to the floor. and calls the police.  Nathan, oblivious to the fact Sammy has just saved his life, complains to his girl friend about some stains on his expensive clothing and promises to sue Sammy for the cleaning.


Title: Truth or Consequences  Produced by Malcolm Shaw 2016

My story “Truth or Consequences was  included in a collection of my short stories published by Sabella Press in 2009.

Log: A man tells the story about how he confronts and removes a superior who lied his way into a vice presidential position; and he accomplishes this with a lie.

Synopsis:  An unnamed narrator tells us just how difficult Jim is; his personality is abrasive, condescending and abusive.  He shows us in set up scenes how Jim is consistently like this to everyone, especially subordinates.  he also shows us how many times Jim has lied to advance his career.  The unnamed narrator decides to write a whistle blowing letter to the Department of Defense, claiming Jim has compromised DoD security.  The compromise is the truth, but the narrator writes the letter using the language and POV of another employee, Jason.  The subsequent DoD investigation causes Jim to die of a heart attack.  The investigation into the letter causes the President of the company to fire Jason, and the unnamed narrator is rewarded with Jim’s Vice President position.


Conquistadors  Produced by Malcolm Shaw 2017


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