On writing ‘Rogue Scion’

By Shawn Rohrbach


When I was a teenager in the 1970’s I read things like the Whole Earth Catalog, Rolling Stone Magazine, The Catholic Worker and other left leaning periodicals with the hope that the message conveyed there might actually come to fruition, that is the rise of the lower and middle classes and a more equitable access to wealth building capitol.

By the time my working career started in the 1980’s Ronald Reagan was president and the common narrative I heard everyday was simply this; greed is good.  The financial scandals of the 80’s did nothing to stop this and in fact the perpetrators became heroes of the class that was scratching it’s way to the top one percent of the top one percent.  Thanks to faulty trade agreements, lack of sufficient control over shady bank investments and a tax give away perpetrated by President George W. Bush, they arrived.   More and more wealth goes to these folks to a point where a tiny minority of them control the vast majority of money, and they are not giving it away.

I observed the Occupy Wall Street movement for a while and was saddened by the obvious futility of the effort.  Large crowds of mostly young, long haired college age kids hung out in the cold living in tents in the rain and snow and the soldiers of the 1% looked down on them from their Wall Street offices scoffing and laughing, and turning back to extremely lucrative trading for the day.

I’ve known people who thrive in the one percent.  A few inherited that and made those inheritances grow and several clawed their way over the backs of unsuspecting co-workers or simply cheated other investors out of their money.  One priest I knew inherited just under two hundred thousand dollars when he was in his sixties in the early 1980’s.  He turned the money over to a broker, a member of his parish.  When he turned 80, he went to cash in some that money and buy a small fishing cabin to retire to.  The broker gave him everything that was left, all thirty thousand dollars which would have bought the priest an old, rusted motor home and not the lakeside cabin he had dreamed of.

I first had difficulty crafting a story I would be interested in finishing let alone evangelizing when it was done until I decided to motivate a young man name Peter to abandon his banking family and turn against them. I paired him with Melyssa, an MIT drop out and together they try to take on the one percent and almost succeed, were it not for cyber sleuth, Grady Marcs.

I enjoyed writing ‘Rogue Scion’ with an eye on giving some voice to the 99% and reflecting on the conflicting motivations of both camps.

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